We turn ideas into works of art

About Us


If something inspire us, it’s because we love it. And what inspires us takes shape, become form, project, object. And we love to tell this story. And we like to show all this, so as to share it and involve others. We like to confer our emotions, our passion, every time we design a new home, we try to interpret stories through new forms.

We are careful to our customers needs so we stand on quality, we have an eye for details and we are optimizing the costs. Fabiani Design is always looking for design opportunities. We want to understand our customers personality so we can give them the best solutions for their homes, besides being beautiful, are functional, innovative and that reflect the well-being of living in a contemporary world.

No matter what the dimensions are, we offer the best solutions so the final project will overcome your expectations. We have a great team of suppliers – furniture, decorations, electronics, sanitary etc. so you can have your home ready as soon as possible.

…If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. – William Blake
…The road we have walked to achieve beauty, in its most authentic and profound sense, is a long incessant path of research, towards a deeper understanding of identity.
…Our home should become an extension to our lifestyle as well as to our personalities.